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Doom Tomb Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Adam Nohe(Drummer in Horseburner) had a Facebook post that explained touring issues and the hardships of a DIY band . It was so honest that I wanted to have him on to discuss it.

The interview was done on the night of 3/11/20. A week later and so much has changed . We're in some unfamiliar territory. The closest I've ever came to this was when I lived in Florida. When a hurricane came through wherever you were you stayed put.Then, afterwards we'd have curfews and road closures due to debris. You lost money . You stayed home..and sometimes without power for days(or weeks). The current news is constantly changing - I really don't know what to expect.

As of right now, concerts are cancelled . Bands are home. Buy some of their merch, they'd like that.Bar employees are unable to work. Tip a few extra $$ when you're able to get back to normalcy. On the podcast I mention "the scene" too many times - maybe because it's worth repeating. The last concert I was able to see was Freedom Hawk,Old Fashion Assassin and Loserfur on March 15, 2020. Friends gathered. Bands played. Another great night . Let's do that again when we can .



Throne Of Iron:


Baardvader(opening song):


Gypsybyrd(last song):