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Doom Tomb Podcast

Aug 11, 2018

Episode #38 is with Stone Deaf . The interview went so may places...Denver,Vegas and the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe,Arizona. Great places to play in Colorado , Vegas and Arizona - we got you. Pizza -check. The POTUS himself #45 - we got him ! The Stone Deaf episode's got you ..kick back , relax and hear some end of tour weirdness....and check the links :

Stone Deaf:

HiDive ,Denver:

Squire Lounge:

Streets Of London:

Double Down:

David Bowie-Cracked Actor:

13th Floor Elevators-Reverberation :

Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer:

Zia Records:

Breadcrumb Pizza:

Hogback Pizza:


Ufomammut: is where you can reach us . Next episode will be with Montana Doomsters Wizzerd !