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Doom Tomb Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

The Munsens are on this episode. The atmosphere was chaotic , loud and a great night ! Check the links and don't forget to leave a review on iTunes !

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I'm getting some Koozies made by . Trust me , you'll want one when you see them . Hit them up to get some made for your band . Tell them The Doom Tomb sent ya .

The Munsens:

Bonus content -Loserfur LIVE :

Of Feather and Bone:

Primitive Man(Ethan did art for The Munsens Merch too):

OG Bubba Kush:

Kim K. CBD :

Neil Young , Mansion On the Hill:

Neil Young , Down by the River:

Acid Witch(Shag did artwork for The Munsens too):

Pink Cocoon :

Car Vs. Tank :

FUBAR Movie: is how to reach us . Do it . Thanks for listening . Yes , you with the black t-shirt on . You rock .