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Doom Tomb Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

TMPL , a psychedelic occult Doom band out of Tuscon is on the podcast today. We talk about the current Tuscon scene , Crowley,Romanian food and their latest release "Initiation of the Fool" . Plus you'll hear an exclusive about a song there working on -it's gonna be epic !



Jul 28, 2020

Anthony from LaGoon is back on the Podcast. If it feels like we just talked to him , well, we did . LaGoon has another release out and he's been working on several other projects(Interstellar Joints COVID 19 and The Crooked Whispers) that can only be described as Supergroup status .

During the pandemic Anthony chose...

Jul 24, 2020

On today's Podcast we have the band Green Hog , right on the heels of their latest release , Dogs From Hell. You'll hear about strange creatures, Kvass and an exclusive regarding their new material . Also , we hear a lot of Russian . Прекрасно, устроим рок-н-ролл!


Green Hog :

Jul 22, 2020

Old Horn Tooth is on the latest episode . We talk beer, The London Doom Collective,Lemmy shorts and their music . I even try my hand at some British slang . 



If you're more interested in hearing about their release , From The Ghost Grey Depths , fast forward to the 55 minute mark. Otherwise we just hang and have...

Jul 16, 2020

Year of October is a fuzzed out rock band from Nashville TN. They travel the US in a minivan to bring their dirty riffs and dark grooves to people everywhere. Formed by Josh and Phlecia Sullivan in 2010 while they were attending the University of Kentucky, their original music has been described as a Black Sabbath sound...