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Doom Tomb Podcast

Jul 1, 2022

New Music Volume 10. Today we go to Long Island New York,Indiana,Aalborg Denmark,Gothenberg Sweden,Melbourne Australia,Coventry UK,Kansas City Missouri,London,Maidstone and Norwich UK,and Portland Oregon.

Gramma Vedetta:

Smoke The Light:

Jun 29, 2022

New Music Volume 9. We're going all over the map to places like Malmo Sweden,Akron Ohio,Hudson New York,Chicago Illinois,Glasgow UK,Winterthur Switzerland,Seattle Washington,DGO Mexico, and Utrecht Netherlands for the best in new music !




Jun 29, 2022

New music Volume 8. Dig in . We have new releases from Charlotte NC, Perth and Vic Australia,San Diego and Los Angeles California, and Lysekil Sweden.


Hellfire 76:

Magic Chicken Fudgetoe:


Jun 14, 2022

New music by way of Manchester,Portland,Clermont Ferrand,Santander,Los Angeles,Madrid, Vichnza,Pasaro, and Stockholm. The links are below:




May 28, 2022

Today on the podcast we have all of the members of Surf Through Death. We talk about In and Out hacks,the higher consciousness of music,pantry problems,hands glued together, and a track by track breakdown of their latest release, STD2. 

If you are interested in putting this release on vinyl hit them up at: