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Doom Tomb Podcast

Nov 1, 2018

Here we are with another Bacon Bits Episode - the topic ? Festivals . I'm trying to get one started in Arizona . Let's get one started ! We also wax poetic about KISS(see Matt , all caps) and various other inanities. 


Matt Bacon:

Stoner Home Companion:

stoner home companion

Dumb and Dumbest:

Dropout Media:

Prophecy Fest:

Tatuaje Cigars:


Alpaca- hopefully we'll get an interview soon. Check them out here : - reach us . Thanks to everyone who has reached out over the past few weeks and thank you all for the continued support ! We will be doing some Skype interviews once we can get the times in order . Alpaca,Thought Eater,Stonus,Callow,Necrosexual,Sumeru - I didn't forget , we'll get it done . STAY HEAVY !