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Doom Tomb Podcast

May 22, 2020

Dizygote is featured on this episode .



DIZYGOTE are a father and son duo who play original heavy music, weaving elements of folklore, storytelling and observations of our world with pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs. DIZYGOTE began as a solo project and has evolved into a powerful entity as Ethan (age 14) has come into his own as a beastly drummer with a keen ear and a deep love of metal music. Ned was raised on punk rock and metal - later immersed in the alt-country scene as a member of the influential Chatham County Line, among other projects. Both of the boys are multi-instrumentalists and are constantly working out new material to blast your earholes.

We are currently supporting the self-titled released, available online everywhere. Our sound is evolving the live performances into something fresh, heavy and direct. There are elements of punk rock, old school metal, thrash, sludge, doom, prog...and the new music continues to take us down new paths.

We aim for benevolent world domination. Contact us to learn how.





Cranium Radio(Sunday 6-9PMEST):


No Master Audio(Created video component for social media):


STAY HEAVY ....and safe !!!