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Doom Tomb Podcast

Oct 19, 2018

All of the members from Green Druid plus tour manager/girlfriend Caitlin and FuzzAllen( ) joined the podcast, along with a crappy set of car speakers. Will it DOOM,Black Metal,stolen band items,the Weed World Cup and the after effects of Taco Bell were just a few of the topics .

Big shout outs to everyone that provided some scratch on the Gofundme page for Green Druid's van. Thanks to these people :

Andrew Frongillo

Marjorie Lawson

She Wizard

Colleen Skates

Justin Tappan

Myra Rios

CJ Hogan

Dave Drummer

Ryan Beach

Susan Msmugler

Brandon Naegely

Sean Skates

You are all ROCKSTARS !

Check out the links here:

Green Druid:

Earache Records:

Blue Dream:


H.P. Lovecraft:

Hogback Pizza:

Ashen Blood(game):

Will It DOOM(Immigrant Song):

Will it DOOM(My Sharona):

Jolene(slowed down):



Summoned By Giants:

Ealdor Bealu


Wasted Theory:

Reach out to us , we won't bite . Leave a review on iTunes. Check out our social pages . Next episode is round 3 with Matt Bacon . See you at the shows !!