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Doom Tomb Podcast

Oct 14, 2020

The Sonoran desert stoner rock scene has many great artists. There are several nationally touring acts that reside in Arizona . There are also several locally-based acts that can easily tour the world. They are that good. Wolves of Winter is one of them. Josh Mcgee was the driving force in WoW. His music set a mark in the current scene. His passing came as a shock to those that knew him. It is only fitting that we do a tribute to a man that dedicated the amount of time and energy he gave to the music scene. Josh, may you rest in peace. 


Thank you to Ian from Stone Witch and No Masters Audio for creating this episode. I couldn't have done it without you .


Wolves of Winter:

No Slip Records put together some incredible vinyl packages for their release. 

Band Members:
Josh McGee - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Horn - Drums
David Weaver - Bass

Hometown - Phoenix, Arizona


released August 29, 2017

Produced by Josh McGee
Engineered by Patrick Hogg
Mixed by Patrick Hogg and Josh McGee
Mastered by Jeff Harris

Vinyl Mastering by Jeff Harris at
Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

Recorded at Sludged Studios in Phoenix, AZ

Music and lyrics were written by Josh McGee

Original artwork by Carrie Olaje and Joey Rudell of Ghosttown Graphic Art.



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