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Doom Tomb Podcast

Sep 21, 2018

On this episode we have Zolla from Pink Cocoon . We did it using Skype and it's the first interview out of the United States ! We talk about a bunch of stuff - poutine , tours , influences and urinating in a considerate manner . Yup, that was covered . It got weird late in the game . Links below :

Pink Cocoon:

Poutine :

Witch Mountain:

Telekinetic Yeti:

The Well:

Scene Fuzz Quebec:

Stoner Rock Army :

Pinkish Black:

The Hazytones :

Katacombes Venue :



The Naked High :

Blue Cheese:

Blue Cheer:

Fastway(Rock and Loud dragsters-who could ask for anything more?):

Anesthesia(Pulling Teeth):

Hope you all check out these links ! Next podcast will have Shane from Via Vengeance . Actually he's the only member . One man DOOM band ,no loops, no overdubs . Live , raw and in your face. 

I've been thinking of doing short 5 minute podcasts strictly for news , releases and currently touring bands. Would anyone be up for that ? Message me through social media or at

Until next time STAY HEAVY !