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Doom Tomb Podcast

Jan 31, 2019

Ruby the Hatchet recently visited Arizona and we got a chance to ask a few questions and get weird. Cheesesteaks , Stephen King , Pink Floyd and Abba are just a few of the topics . DON'T miss out on seeing them live !! 

Here are a few links regarding the conversation :

Ruby The Hatchet :

Old Fashion Assassin(played in between the interview):

Geno's or Pat's ?


Pink Floyd , Pigs:

Magnetic Eye Records:

Teepee Records:

Electric Monolith:

St. Vitus Bar:

CCR, Pagan Baby:

Joan Osborne ,Shake Your Hips:

Heavy Temple:

Fozzy, SOS:



Harlow(Video quality is crap but you get the idea):

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