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Doom Tomb Podcast

Dec 22, 2018

On this episode we have round 2 with the guys in Stone Witch . We get into some tattoo talk then we get to their upcoming release, Desert Oracle.

Before we get into it don't forget Sundays 6-9PM EST on

The Doom Tomb Radio show . 

We have track by track discussions, gear, smoke machine hacks, movies, Howard Stern talk and who is the best dancer in the group ? (Hint , he's also known as "The Hot Meal" of the band) Join us . Put us on in the background while roasting chestnuts, sipping on spiked eggnog and anticipating the first family fight at the big get together. 


Stone Witch :

Flash Art :

Hollow Earth Theory(one of many docs on YouTube):

The Smoky God (free download link, public domain):

Smoke machine hack:

Scrapple :

Red Mesa:

Goliathan(last song): Hit us up. We like that. Eat,drink and be merry or something like that . Send us pics of stoner/doom/sludge gifts !