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Doom Tomb Podcast

Mar 24, 2018

We interviewed The Watchers this week . We discuss track by track both of their releases Sabbath Highway and their latest Black Abyss. We talk influences ,club fires and tons of other stuff !

Get they latest release, Black Abyss at :

and their last one, Sabbath Highway :

Who is Murderface ? Here's the link:

Jane Mansfield was discussed - What was her connection to Anton Lavey ?

Also , if Hudu Akil peaks your interest you can find them here:

The band introducing the Podcast was SORXE - check out their latest release:

Get ready for a ton of great interviews ! Pedestal of Infamy ,Warcloud,Wolftooth,Gravitoyd(promoter/booker) and Todd from Ripple music,Mortales,Forming the Void,Doomstress,Zed,Hexxus,Great Electric Quest,HVY,Burn Thee Insects and many more to come !