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Doom Tomb Podcast

May 15, 2019

On this episode we did a late night interview with The Well. Homeless bathroom questions, load outs and the power of the SCOBY are just the start of it . Listen in and find out why the van had that weird vinegar smell.

Check the links: 


The Well:

Riding Easy Records:

Butthole Surfers:

NPR article :


Amigo The Devil:



Yung Druid:

Josh House(Artist) :

Hail Satan ?:

Bronswick Affair:



I Think You Should Leave :

Ninth Circle:

Cybernetic Witch Cult:


Thanks to the Well for hanging out until 3AM . ,hit us up ! 

Thank you for making us the Number 1 Stoner Doom podcast on iTunes !!!! STAY HEAVY my friends !