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Doom Tomb Podcast

Feb 13, 2019

The man himself, none other than Dixie Dave from the band Weedeater is on the podcast. BBQ,Documentaries,hot sauce and so much more ! If anyone knows anyone at Pfizer Dave is offering his services as a spokesperson....well, that and . 

The last track on the podcast was a live Earthless recording .

Also, check out The Doom Tomb ,Sundays on . 

Check out the links below :


Slow Southern Steel Documentary:

Smooth sweet tea:


Serial Hawk:


The Accused:



Dr. Know:


Arik Roper:


Outer Limits Hot Sauce :

Bones Of Mary:


You can reach us at . Say hi. did . So did , , and a bunch of others . I'll be playing their music on the radio show and/or the podcast . 

Rate us on iTunes. It'll get more exposure to the scene . If you see us at a show say hi. We like that ! STAY HEAVY !