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Doom Tomb Podcast

Apr 18, 2019

Welcome back all the brothers in Wizzerd ! We talk about their latest release, the elimination of crusty socks, The Slave Gallery,why you should NEVER zorp and warp,the benefits of Lifesavers and Rocky Mountain RIFF Fest. Check the links :



Cursed Tongue Records:

Mos Generator:

Matt Bacon Dorkscography:

The Police:

Rocky Mountain Riff Fest:

Loin Hammer:


Here's a link to the BDSM documentary movie I couldn't remember:

Motorhead- The Game:

Ryan Creamer: , say hi. I'm heading out on vacation ,but when I get back we'll get right back into interviews. Please leave a review on iTunes -it helps,I swear. Thanks to everyone for the downloads and support !