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Doom Tomb Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Christopher Jason Mitchell-Coons is on the podcast. He was previously in the band SORXE. He now has a full merchandise company. The company is Dark Markers. We talk about older projects, music, and his current all-inclusive project Dark Markers. This is his story.


Dark Markers:

Mar 17, 2021

Pale Keeper-Doom Tomb Spotlight 

Pale Keeper is the first release from the Russian doom metal band Pale Keeper and includes 5 tracks.

An ominous and dramatic feel combined with memorable melodies and clean vocals is the pillar of this album’s atmosphere.

Experimenting with heaviness and depth of sound, the band...

Mar 14, 2021


Purveyors of Northern Druidic Blues Rock.







Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio:



Desert Records:

Mar 8, 2021

Shepherd is on the podcast. We talk about their latest release First Hand, band origins, and doom diapers. Tune low and push slow. That is all.




Mar 3, 2021

LOSERFUR is back to talk about new members, their release Born Pissed, merchandise, and a lot more. They will have a live stream on March 6th,2021. The charity Livestream will be benefiting Wilson's Auto in Greggory, MI. All proceeds go directly to John Wilson, owner of Wilson's Auto. The link is below.