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Doom Tomb Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

Aidan from the bands Hexerei and Flashback joins us for a top 5 AND a track-by-track discussion of the latest Flashback release, Heathen of Influence.





Apr 5, 2021

Mammoth Monday 


Bones Of The Earth:




School Disco:

(Updated release dates on Bandcamp)


Nona Decima Morta:


T E L and Age Of The Wolf:

Mar 22, 2021

Christopher Jason Mitchell-Coons is on the podcast. He was previously in the band SORXE. He now has a full merchandise company. The company is Dark Markers. We talk about older projects, music, and his current all-inclusive project Dark Markers. This is his story.


Dark Markers:

Mar 17, 2021

Pale Keeper-Doom Tomb Spotlight 

Pale Keeper is the first release from the Russian doom metal band Pale Keeper and includes 5 tracks.

An ominous and dramatic feel combined with memorable melodies and clean vocals is the pillar of this album’s atmosphere.

Experimenting with heaviness and depth of sound, the band...