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Doom Tomb Podcast

Oct 29, 2023

Halloween 2023. We went through the year to pick some filth,fuzz, and ferocious AMP WORSHIP. You even get a taste of a Bloodfeast via the house band , Stone Witch(link below).

Huge thank you to Ian for putting everything together. I appreciate your time and dedication over here in the Tomb.

To the bands we reached out to and couldn't be on this episode, there's always another show. Thank you to every band that took the time to be on the show. You rule,but I think you already know that.

Join us on the journey. 

Outer Head

Occult Dawn

Sonic Demon

Madame Frankenstein

Skull Servant

Loose Sutures

Void Commander

Mean Green

Witchthroat Serpent

Grave Disgrace

Saint Omen

Psychic Mass

Wizard Master

High Leaf

Dark Shaman


Sun Mass


Fuzz Lightyear





Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio:

House band :

Stone Witch( Bloodfeast(song at the intro) from Order Of the Goat is available here)


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