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Doom Tomb Podcast

Oct 29, 2022

The Masters of the Macabre extravaganza is here. The hour is upon us. Join us for The Maddening Maniacal Monsters and Freakishly Frightening Fiends Halloween special. 

Halloween tips, Q&A, and music to get you in the mood for Halloween or general debauchery.

Thank you to Ian from No Masters Audio for all things sound...

Oct 29, 2022

This episode is the companion to the Halloween episode. We asked the tough questions, and we got answers.

Halloween is upon us !!

The full Halloween episode is up next!

Oct 20, 2022

On today's episode, we did an interview at a venue with Supernaut, just like in the old days. Even Zac from Hudu Akil makes an appearance. Supernaut's latest album, Souls Awaken, is out now.



Scott Gessler:

Scott Gessler



GOYA/Abrams/In The Company Of Serpents