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Doom Tomb Podcast

Oct 29, 2023

Halloween 2023. We went through the year to pick some filth,fuzz, and ferocious AMP WORSHIP. You even get a taste of a Bloodfeast via the house band , Stone Witch(link below).

Huge thank you to Ian for putting everything together. I appreciate your time and dedication over here in the Tomb.

To the bands we reached out...

Oct 28, 2023

Let's wet the beek.....

The Doom Tomb’s Horrifying Hair Raising Halloween Ghouls and Ghastly Goblins Special(and gore). We put together many new songs and a few that needed attention for this special episode. There's a game within the podcast- name the movies we played trailers of, and the first to get them right wins...

Oct 22, 2023

Mars Red Sky is your latest dose.

Mars Red Sky Bandcamp

Mars Red Sky Instagram

Break Even lyrics-

For any sort of pain there’s a market and a remedy

Stocks bonds up & down the chain of custody

Keeper of the Flagstaff a sniper at the ready

Prone to snap hands clapping cracking codes & ribs

Fire up & down the rapids...

Oct 22, 2023

Hermano is your latest dose.


..Only a Suggestion is the debut studio album by the stoner rock band Hermano. Featuring the voice of Kyuss, John Garcia, and an all-star line-up, Hermano roared out of the gates blasting a magnificent brand of desert/stoner fuzz. 

Hermano Bandcamp