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Doom Tomb Podcast

Dec 14, 2018

Finally - I got the chance to have a sit down with Stone Witch. They're like brothers to me . Their song , Wind Walker is the song that has opened the Podcast for the past year. This episode is part 1 of 2 and we just scratch the surface - the inception of the band , a Bruce Springsteen cover band (Bruce SpringStone ?) ,getting lost in the desert and eggplant viral videos.

Stone Witch were my gateway into the Sonoran desert doom scene and a catalyst for starting the podcast. Catch them live when you can . Horror occult Sonoran desert doom that brings the HEAVY ! Their latest release,Desert Oracle will be out January 8th, 2019 at midnight . Check the links:

Stone Witch:


Les Paul:

Inside The Sun:

Moon Coven:

Moon Trail:


Heavy Eyes:

Ikea Hacks:

Maverick Saloon:


Fog machine hack(every band should check this out ):


Roberto Venn :

Nash - Skateboarding :


On Part 2 we'll get into all of the new tracks off of Desert Oracle and a bunch of other stuff. Hit us up ! Leave a review on iTunes. Hit us up on social media .

Sundays , 6-9pm EST . Have a beverage, some herb and chill with us . 

One year of the podcast is in the books- a year in review is coming up soon ! Much love and thanks to you all- STAY HEAVY !!!